• J & N Paralegal Services

I contacted Lyndsay about a very complex, and difficult landlord/tenant matter. She quickly took the time to consult with me at no cost, did some additional research and provided me with recommendations without any pressure to work with her.  I did end up working with her, and found her to be absolutely fantastic.

   Her billing is reasonable, and fair.  I know she spent a lot of time on my case that she didn’t bill for.  This included consulting with other experts, researching case law, preparing documents, meetings, etc. I always felt like I was getting good value.

   She is organized and on time! When I started working with Lyndsay, I was probably doing more “babysitting” of the important milestones in my case. I soon came to realize she had it all under control and could let her lead me through the process.  She’d go out of her way to assist – Even when I needed to have a document commissioned; she called around and made special arrangements to meet my schedule.

  She doesn’t shy away from a challenge! My case was very complex, involving some dangerous tenants and police matters. She continued to push through the case, while consulting with other experts when required. Thank you Lyndsay for sticking it out!

  She is very professional and straightforward in her approach, and I found her style to be very effective at the LTB. However, she still took the time to check in to see how I was feeling throughout the process for which I am very grateful. She’s not only an amazing paralegal, but a great person too.