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    I highly recommend Lyndsay!!! Her office represented me during a complicated landlord and property manager situation. Her experience and professionalism helped resolve the matter quickly and amicably!

    Meredith Forrest
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    Lyndsay and her team are fantastic. Prices are reasonable and my Landlord/Tenant case was resolved in my favour. Would not hesitate to use their services again if needed.

    Cheryl Ion
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    Lyndsay Dubois is the most knowledgeable and professional paralegal in the area of landlord tenant issues and other legal matters.

    Her dedication and kind approach is hard to come by in this industry.... I know first hand, due to using other (more expensive) paralegal first!

    She is knowledge and professional - something I have highly appreciated. I would certainly contact Lyndsay again if I needed paralegal services.

    Josh Longo
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    We used J&N Paralegal Services, we spoke with Lyndsay Dubois and she was extremely helpful. She explained every procedure and step. We had a super difficult tenant and Lyndsay was able to solve our problem. We are very thankful for the services that she provided, always available via email or phone. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or use J&N Paralegal Services again. Julia

    Julia Rodriguez
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    I couldn't have asked for better service! I had an issue with a landlord which was a huge source of stress for me. Not only did Lyndsay answer all my questions and help me better understand my rights as a tenant, she was the reason my situation turned in my favor. Thank you for everything!

    Natalie Dodwell
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    My husband and I have pursued the paralegal services of 'Lyndsay Dubois' for a couple of legal matters. Each time, we have been very pleased with her diligently kind and positive demeanor. We know that when we call upon Lyndsay to seek her assistance we are confident it will be solved with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.
    She's always attentive, patient & extremely helpful with solving matters.
    Grateful for your time & services!.

    Lisa Harrison-Bauer
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    I hired Lyndsay based on the previous reviews. I found Lyndsay to be a professional, empathetic paralegal who does an excellent job. She helps you gain a better perspective and leads you to a successful outcome through her diplomacy and knowledge. She gives you your options and her opinion and is mindful of your budget. Highly recommended.

    Brian Cook
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    I made a call to J&N regarding a landlord tenant issue and was pleasantly surprised to not have the cold legal approach to my questions in Lyndsay's feedback. She actually puts her client's needs ahead of her own and although after our discussion I did not end up needing her services (although she could have chosen to lead me to believe I did) her integrity and professionalism led me to let you know about her in the hopes that you may benefit from her wisdom when you need help. Highly recommend J&N for quick and unbiased paralegal services and knowledgeable insight.

    Michael S
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    I contacted Lyndsay about a very complex, and difficult landlord/tenant matter. She quickly took the time to consult with me at no cost, did some additional research and provided me with recommendations without any pressure to work with her.  I did end up working with her, and found her to be absolutely fantastic.

       Her billing is reasonable, and fair.  I know she spent a lot of time on my case that she didn’t bill for.  This included consulting with other experts, researching case law, preparing documents, meetings, etc. I always felt like I was getting good value.

       She is organized and on time! When I started working with Lyndsay, I was probably doing more “babysitting” of the important milestones in my case. I soon came to realize she had it all under control and could let her lead me through the process.  She’d go out of her way to assist – Even when I needed to have a document commissioned; she called around and made special arrangements to meet my schedule.

      She doesn’t shy away from a challenge! My case was very complex, involving some dangerous tenants and police matters. She continued to push through the case, while consulting with other experts when required. Thank you Lyndsay for sticking it out!

      She is very professional and straightforward in her approach, and I found her style to be very effective at the LTB. However, she still took the time to check in to see how I was feeling throughout the process for which I am very grateful. She’s not only an amazing paralegal, but a great person too.

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    Lyndsay provided me with amazing service. She handled everything for me and was awesome with communicating all details through email. She was very kind and helpful, I had a excellent experience with her and would refer her to anybody seeking paralegal assistance.

    Mona Puri
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    Lyndsay consulted with me free of charge, when her services were needed she was fair and upfront about her prices. She is very professional and straightforward in her approach; it was a pleasure doing business with her. I highly recommend J&N Paralegal Services.

    K A
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    Lyndsay from J&P Paralegal did a fantastic job in a eviction process that finally occurred within weeks of me (& Landlords ) contacting her. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in this area. I had a signed agreement by the Tenants they would leave by March 06, 2017. I contacted Lyndsay after reading very good reviews on google, on or about March 13, after signing and affidavit on March 16 she filed for a judgement to the Landlord Tenant Board, judgement received it by March 23 without a hearing in our favour to move out by April 02, which they ignored, April 04, Lyndsay filed for eviction and the Sheriff evicted on April 25, 2017. Tenants were out 72 hours later. Recommend her for any legal matter, always available, returned calls and emails. Thank You Lyndsay.

    Vince Amore
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    I highly recommend the services of Lyndsay. This experience required a specialist that understands the process without the emotional attachment. This was an expense that was well worth its weight in many ways. I just want to thank Lyndsay for her professional work and I will be referring business to her and most definitely will use her services again if I need help.

    Kelly Mersereau
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    I highly recommend J & N paralegal services. Lyndsay represented me in a strong manner and kept me informed as to the details of my case. She made sure to not only inform me of my options, but also respectfully explained what each of my choices were, would mean, and possible routs the case could take afterwards. She puts herself on your level and believes firmly in you making your own choices in your case, no matter what you choose, it is your decision and she will pursue the avenue that you have decided. Anyone that wishes to be treated as an respected individual who is more than just a case number this is your best option.

    Damon Mackay
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    I had an unusual small claims situation that I was looking to get some advice on and found Lyndsay to be very helpful and professional. She gave me some great insights for free and left the door open to come back and work with her when I'm ready. Thx Tim

    Tim Tevlin
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    I had my first job with J&N Paralegal. It is great . Best communication. I had my job done fast.

    Hamid Zarazvand
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    Excellent and professional service. Very knowledgeable and up to date on current laws and trends. I would highly recommend using this service!

    Jessica Browne
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    She set an expectation and then beat it, I was referred by a friend, and I will now refer her as well. - Dustin

    Dustin Leigh


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